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Air cooler VMC

for refrigerated furniture and small cold rooms

Special features

Finned block

  • Cu DHP pipes dia. 10 mm
  • Pipe spacing 35 mm
  • Aluminum lamellas
  • Lamella spacing 4.2 mm
  • Hygienic coating


  • Aluminium
  • Powder coating RAL 7035, impact- and scratchproof, acid-resistant food quality surface finish


  • SF Cu pipes dia. 10 mm


  • Alternating current, 230 V, 50/60 Hz, input power 12 W, Operating environment: -30 °C to +45 °C, coil in IP 54 degree of protection
  • Connection cable 3 m long


  • Single-sided or double-sided exhaust
  • Different airflow alternatives available

Dimensions and capacities

Central and wall-mounted evaporators

Model VMC 302/410-90

Capacity Q0: t0 = -10°C, DT1 = 15K280 W
Capacity Q0: t0 = -8°C, DT1 = 8K100 W
Surface1.10 m2
Airflow85 m3/h
Dimension H x B255 x 426 mm
Pipe volume0.20 cdm3
Weight2.60 kg

Model VMC 303/410-90

Capacity Q0: t0 = -10°C, DT1 = 15K330 W
Capacity Q0: t0 = -8°C, DT1 = 8K140 W
Surface1.65 m2
Airflow80 m3/h
Dimension H x B290 x 426 mm
Pipe volume0.29 cdm3
Weight2.90 kg

Model VMC 304/410-90

Capacity Q0: t0 = -10°C, DT1 = 15K425 W
Capacity Q0: t0 = -8°C, DT1 = 8K180 W
Surface2.25 m2
Airflow75 m3/h
Dimension H x B325 x 426 mm
Pipe volume0.38 cdm3
Weight3.20 kg

Model VMC 304/410-2-90

Capacity Q0: t0 = -10°C, DT1 = 15K520 W
Capacity Q0: t0 = -8°C, DT1 = 8K250 W
Surface2.25 m2
Airflow145 m3/h
Dimension H x B325 x 426 mm
Pipe volume0.38 cdm3
Weight3.60 kg

Model VMC 305/410-2-90

Capacity Q0: t0 = -10°C, DT1 = 15K600 W
Capacity Q0: t0 = -8°C, DT1 = 8K285 W
Surface2.25 m2
Airflow145 m3/h
Dimension H x B360 x 426 mm
Pipe volume0.48 cdm3
Weight3.90 kg

Airflow plates

  • Airflow plates offset, double-sided exhaust
  • Airflow plates offset, single-sided exhaust
  • Airflow plates flush, double-sided exhaust
  • Airflow plates flush, single-sided exhaust
  • Airflow plates Y, double-sided exhaust
  • Airflow plates Y, single-sided exhaust


  • Plastic drip pan
  • Aluminium drip pan
  • Heating element made of stainless steel 230 V, 50 Hz, 200 W

Broshure VMC


Air cooler VMC

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